Earthquake Corridor

Pakel Architecture, Design and Project Implementation, Static and Strength, ultra-safe, generally manufactures all or part of your corridors, which are common areas of your home, using steel construction.

Earthquake corridor of the most important feature of earthquake in your home is located earthquakes room or panic room (Safe panic room) which would not have time to escape if you immerse yourself in the hallway which is closest to the region and to ensure the protection of your loved ones. The disadvantage is that the beginning and end of the corridor are not covered.

Additional equipment with vital functions such as lockers fixed in the corridor, oxygen and water tanks placed in appropriate areas ensure your survival for a long time after an earthquake or an emergency. The earthquake corridors, which are shipped modularly to the desired campus area, are easily sealed from the transition points in the area where they will be placed. In this way, the earthquake corridors manufactured under factory conditions, all systems have been subjected to the necessary tests, and the quality and protection quality of the earthquake corridors are determined after the feasibility studies to be made, and after all shelters are provided, they are manufactured and assembled.

Earthquake corridors are an architectural choice that can be applied in our daily life. Earthquake corridors, which serve as a shelter against vital risks that may be experienced indoors, especially earthquakes, are specially produced for you in any desired size and equipment.


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