Earthquake Room

Pakel Architecture, Design and Project Implementation, Static and Durability, ultra-safe, generally manufactures earthquake chambers fixed into the house by using all or part of the room, using steel construction. Lockers fixed in the room, additional equipment with vital functions such as oxygen and water tanks are placed on the floor, enabling you to survive for a long time after an earthquake or an emergency. Thanks to the battery-powered systems that see the lighting need in earthquake rooms, it is designed to effectively meet the lighting need for an average of one week.

The earthquake chambers, which are shipped modularly to the desired campus area, are easily sealed from the transition points in the area to be placed. In this way, earthquake rooms, which are manufactured under factory conditions, all systems have been subjected to necessary tests, and whose quality and protection quality can be assured, are deployed to the required area in a short time that will not allow the threat elements to be detected.

Earthquake rooms are an architectural choice that can be applied in our daily life. Earthquake rooms, which serve as a shelter against vital risks that may be experienced indoors, especially earthquakes, are specially produced for you in any desired size and equipment.

Additional equipment with vital functions such as lockers fixed in the room, oxygen and water tank on the floor can be included according to demand and need. There are battery-powered systems that see the need for lighting in panic rooms. These systems; They are designed to effectively meet the enlightenment need for an average of a week.

After it is installed in the house, panic rooms, earthquakes, etc. using the interior of the cabinets. equipped with all the materials that would be required in one case. These rooms are not visible from the outside or inside the house.

Earthquake chambers are created using the entire room or a specific part of a room. The panic room, whose dimensions and location are determined with the feasibility to be made, is manufactured using steel construction. After providing shelter by providing heat and sound insulation, studies are carried out on comfort in the interior.


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