Fire Fighting Systems

Aqueous Fire Extinguishing Systems Wet
Pipe Sprinkler System
It is the operation of the sprinkler system with wet alarm valves that ensure the delivery of water at the time of intervention in the system where there is continuous water.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler System
It is a system created by pressurizing air or nitrogen to the part after the dry alarm valve to prevent the system from freezing.

Dominant System
In this system, the system is filled with water in case of danger, and the fire is intervened with open sprinklers or sprinklers initiated by pressurizing. It is used in very sensitive parts and detection is done by means of detectors.

Pretreatment Sprinkler System
The difference from the dominant system takes action after receiving a pre-reaction, that is, it is intervened as regional or zone. It is used where water damage must be kept to a minimum. Detection is again done by detectors.

Foam Fire Extinguishing Systems
It works on the same principle as the wet pipe sprinkler system. It is preferred in the intervention to flammable and flammable substances as a risk. Deluge valve is used instead of wet alarm valve.

Gaseous Extinguishing Systems
Except for the gas used in Gaseous Extinguishing systems, the design of the system is the same in terms of scenario and some auxiliary materials used may differ. CO2, argon, FM200 gases are used in gas extinguishing. The most suitable gas for technological expansions for human health is FM200 gas and it is the gas with minimum harm to human health. Gas is transported by pneumatic control valves, where the main importance is the detection of fire, audible warning during the waiting period and the extinguishing phase after the waiting period. Detection is done with optical and / or heat detectors used in the spaces. Since smoke can be detected before heat here, detection can be done quickly and in a controlled manner. In these systems, when the unloading process starts, the system cannot be reversed, it cannot be stopped, so after the detection, warning and waiting periods, the system is activated at the last stage.


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