Noise Causes and Control in Buildings

The reasons for the noise are gathered under the heading below.

Turbulent flow (turbulent)
Unwanted noises occur in the installation due to the irregular and turbulent flow.
The reason for this is pipe diameter, fluid density, velocity, viscosity.

Cavitation (formation and collapse of water vapor bubbles)
There should be no obstacle in front of the installation for cavitation to occur.
Cavitation usually occurs at the end points of the installation.

Aries strike
It is caused by the sudden blocking of the constant flow.
It is caused by products such as washing machines, dishwashers, solenoid valves that make automatic consumption during the use of plumbing water.

Noise Control
֍ Regulation of pressure with suitable valves
֍ Proper isolation
֍ Preventing vibration and sound from propagating through the installation with proper suspension and connection manufacturing.


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