Panic Room

It is your ultra-safe room with static and endurance power, which is designed separately from the whole building, its sound and heat insulation is completely independent, its entrance is not visible from the outside.

The panic room is created using the entire room or a specific part of a room. The panic room, whose dimensions and location are determined with the feasibility to be made as Pakel Architecture, Design and Project Implementation, is manufactured using steel construction. Heat and Sound Insulations are provided, and after providing protection against all threats, work is carried out on comfort inside.

In this room, which we have specially designed the interior of your room, the first priority is to serve yourself and your loved ones as safe shelters not only against natural disasters but also against any attack action. Therefore, the necessary infrastructure and equipment are prepared for communication in these rooms. In the panic rooms, you can hold very important and secret meetings, if you wish, you can listen to music and read your book.

After it is installed in the house, panic rooms, earthquakes, etc. using the interior of the cabinets. equipped with all the materials that would be required in one case. These rooms are not visible from the outside or inside the house.

Additional equipment with vital functions such as cabinets fixed in the Panic Room, oxygen and water tank to be placed in the most appropriate part of the room, are designed and applied according to demand and need. There are battery-powered systems that see the need for lighting in panic rooms. These systems; They are designed to effectively meet the enlightenment need for an average of a week.

Since there is no limit in panic room design, the important thing is that you clearly reveal your needs and possibilities. Afterwards, Pakel Architecture, Design and Project Implementation is to realize the appropriate design that will meet your needs in the most effective way.


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