Sanitary Installation (In High Buildings)

Clean Water Installation in High Buildings
Static pressure should be well calculated while designing supply lines in high-rise buildings. The static pressure that will arise from the height will be at the maximum level in the lower floors if the supply line is drawn only, and this will make the operation of the system difficult and even impossible in some cases. In order to eliminate this disadvantage, the lines should be divided into appropriate zones and the system should be designed in this way. For example, in a 40-storey building, creating an installation floor on the 20th floor of the building and separating the building into two zones will both balance the static pressure and eliminate the formation of critical lines. This application should be applied not only for plumbing but also for other installations.

Waste Water Installation in High Buildings
In high-rise buildings, there is no need to take extra precautions due to the vertical fall of the sewage because the water reaching up to a certain distance (4-6mt) gravity acceleration during the fall (g: 9.81 m / sec2) together with the water gravity acceleration. It has a speed of about half and completes the falling process in this range. The important thing in waste water installation is to design the ventilation system well. The system, which enables the removal of stench from inside the building in normal-storey buildings in the ventilation system, serves a second and important task in high-rise buildings, which is to prevent excessive pressure fluctuations. In other words, it acts as a kind of anti-stress auxiliary line.

Some General Rules
The pressure coming out of the armature should be considered as approximately 10 mss and the upper pressure should be taken as 40 mss.
֍ Suspension and fixing processes are very important in high-rise buildings due to the high amount of vertical water in the system due to the length of the installation.
֍ The velocity in the pipes should not exceed 2 m / sec. When this is exceeded, unwanted noises occur in the installation.
֍ Where possible, cold water distribution should be made from top to bottom. Gravity is also positively utilized in this design.
֍ Correct armatures suitable for operating pressures should be selected in high-rise buildings.
֍ Since an increase in speed will cause an increase in pressure and an increase in pressure, a correct diameter selection must be made. As a result of the correct design, factors such as noise, excessive water consumption, armature failures, pipe wear are eliminated.


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