Underwater Chamber

It is a great blessing for human beings to experience the sparkle and beauty of the stars at night.

Well, if you love underwater life and you like to get to know the fish species specific to the region where the underwater room will be built, examine the underwater ecosystem and spend time with sea creatures…

In this regard, Pakel Architecture, Design and Project Implementation serves you with Underwater Accommodation Rooms, which we named Neptune, which we think will provide great value to your villa or hotel. It is possible to transform this underwater room, which is reached by a protected corridor extending from the seashore into the sea, into a dining room or a dining room, whether you want an underwater viewing room.

It can also be manufactured in an island-style accommodation room built in the middle of the sea, which we call Poseidon. The upper part looks like a hut in the middle of the sea, but at the bottom you will have an underwater room that will make you live in the sea and enjoy this pleasure. It is hard to believe that his room, which looks like a small hut from above, is another world 3 meters below. You can watch the stars with the bed on the upper part of the room made of wood, and when you are sleepy, you can sleep watching the sea creatures in the downstairs room.

Neptune and Poseidon underwater accommodation models, known as the sea gods in mythology, have underwater projectors for outdoor lighting and, if desired, camera systems and monitoring and recording facilities are also offered.

In both models, rooms that offer unique panoramic views with maximum wide angles are realized within the bounds of possibility, based on meticulous studies specific to the region to be applied and complete safety after design.


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