Water Leaks

Water leaks are called water installation failures that occur due to various factors such as malfunctioning of the plumbing pipes in homes and workplaces, deformation of the wrong and poor quality installation materials over time. Pakel Architecture, Design and Project Implementation detects water leakages point by point with devices without breaking.

What should be done if water flows from the upper floor?
First you need to contact your neighbor upstairs. Tell that water leaks to the lower floor and that all valves should be closed, the first thing to do for the water dripping from the ceiling is to prevent the flow of water, your neighbor should turn off the water valve on the water clock.

What’s next?
Determination should be done to find the location of the leak. Pakel Architecture, Design and Project Implementation uses professional devices for water leak detection. No noise is made with the devices used, and the location of the water leakage is found without breaking without breaking it.

What are the devices used in the detection phase?
With acoustic listening devices, all lines in your installation are checked, and if the leak is in a clean water installation, acoustic listening devices are easily found. If the water leak occurs from the waste water installation, the location of the water leak is determined by viewing the installation pipes with camera devices.

Are there any modifications during the detection phase?
Thanks to our technological devices during detection, no breaking, pouring, or even noise is made, and the location of the water leakage is found in a short time. You can make detection at any time of the day. In the detection phase, no modification type action is taken.

How to know if there is a hidden water leak?
֍ If the water meter continues to rotate with all valves closed
֍ If there is a smell of dampness and there is spillage on the plaster on the walls
֍ If you pay more than normal water bills
֍ If your parquet is swollen
֍ If the water bar in your boiler is constantly falling.

How do we find water leakage as Pakel Architecture, Design and Application?
Pakel Architecture, Design and Project Implementation uses water leak detection methods that reach a guaranteed and definitive solution instead of the water leak detection methods used before and which tire you. We can easily reach results in all hidden and open water leaks and water leaks. No break bulk! You have a water leak problem in your home and you don’t know what to do. Do you feel helpless? Peace of mind. Contact Pakel Architecture, Design and Application immediately and let us solve the current problem with our expert team in the fastest way possible with the detection of water leakage without breaking it. When you contact us and report the problem, our team immediately takes action and reaches your address, makes the necessary investigations and determinations, and takes care of all interventions and repairs as soon as possible.

Camera leak detection
Our expert team listens to your entire installation and detects damaged, broken and problematic locations by entering all pipes with a camera. Water leakage failure detected by camera water leak is repaired.

Detection with acoustic listening devices
As Pakel Architecture, Design and Project Implementation, we find precise and reliable solutions to your water leakage problem in dirty water drains and clean water installations. It controls your entire installation with acoustic listening devices. The malfunctions in the inner pipes, blocked pipes, problematic expenses that slow down the flow of water are listened one by one with acoustic listening devices and we view the inside with cameras.


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