Which Shelter In Buildings Mandatory?

General shelters, on the other hand, are being built to protect the people outside in places with high population and traffic density. Sprinkle shelters are built in all kinds of facilities and buildings, with the exceptions mentioned below. In the approved building license annex architectural project;
a) Residential buildings with 12 or less independent sections,
b) Non-residential buildings with an area of less than 1500 m² subject to the equivalent calculation,
c) The number of residential-use independent sections is 12 or less, and the residential buildings with less than 1500 m² of area subject to the equivalent account of the whole building, as well as non-residential buildings,
d) In permanent or temporary accommodation facilities such as dormitories, wards, guesthouses, dormitories, nursing homes, hotels, pensions, healthcare facilities with beds with a total number of beds of 50 or less
e) Equivalent account subject area of 3000 m² to less than manufacturing all kinds of industrial facilities, besih valve, poultry farm, determined by sera and the like in buildings without a further use,
f) In structures requiring intense security and taking precautions such as penal execution institutions and prisons, f) In buildings constructed in accordance with the dimensions and standards specified in Article 8 and protected against the dangers listed in paragraph (a) of Article 5,
g) It is not obligatory to make shelters in parking lots, stadiums and similar open and closed sports facilities, worship buildings, wedding, wedding, cinema and theater halls, open and closed market places, warehouse, warehouse, fuel oil and LPG stations. If there is more than one building with the same or different usage decision in a zoning parcel, the shelter calculation is made separately for each building. According to this article, separate shelters can be allocated for each building determined to require shelter, or one or more common shelters can be built in the parcel, provided that it is not less than the size to meet the total need of the buildings that are determined to require shelter.

A single fallout shelter that is large enough to meet the total needs of the buildings requiring shelter can be built in the adjacent parcels, which were included in the scope of collective building with the decision of the implementation zoning plan and where common floor ownership was established. However, in these buildings, the property ownership cannot be spoiled and a new building license cannot be issued unless the shelter is examined and the place of shelter is determined and allocated within the scope of this Regulation in each parcel.

The general rules regarding whether or not to seek shelter in the agricultural, livestock, manufacturing and industrial facilities with an area of 3000 m² and above which are subject to precedent calculation, the location of the province, the characteristics of the region and the strategic importance of the facilities in terms of the country and the region will be decided by the Provincial Administrative Boards. taken and a copy of the decision is sent to the relevant administrations for implementation.


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