Why Should Radiators Be Cleaned?

Since the heating cores are used intensively in cold weather, the water passing through the heating core becomes muddy and calcified over time, in such a case, the heating cores cannot give enough heat. It is cleaned in a short time with cleaning and protective chemicals.

Why are the bottom of the radiators cold?
As the water circulates in the heating pads, the lime deposits that accumulate over time accumulate to the bottom and the water passage becomes unhealthy. First of all, the air of the water in the heater core should be taken at regular intervals. Because the air in the heater core prevents the circulation and heat distribution. The primary symptom of air remaining in the radiator is the lack of heat in the radiators furthest from the boiler. Another reason for the coldness of the comb at the farthest part of the boiler may be the lack of pressure, in this case, water should be added. These are simple tasks and are minor problems that non-specialists can also handle. It is eliminated by controlling the air pressure and taking honeycomb water. If there is a problem that the bottom part of all of the radiators is cold, your radiators are dirty, they should be maintained and cleaned. This is possible with modern devices used by Pakel Architecture, Design and Implementation.

How are the heater cores cleaned?
Many heating cores cleaning methods are used in the sector. Pakel Architecture, Design and Implementation makes the application by determining the method that the customer needs. Honeycomb care, which is made by adding only protection water into the heating cores, does not clean the interior of the radiators. The way to clean the accumulated limestone and sludge residues is to use chemicals specially prepared for this job. With the modern cleaning and filtering devices we use, these special chemical cleaning agents are given into the radiators. The most important point to be considered here; it is whether this chemical is completely thrown out again after being given into the heater core. If the chemicals given to the heater cores remain in it, this will damage the boiler. The expert staff of Pakel Architecture, Design and Implementation completely cleans the lime deposits formed in the heating cores with chemicals, completely cleans them, breaks them with the help of the device and rinses them completely, they do not allow any chemicals to remain inside. While all these are being done, your radiators are not disassembled, the surroundings are not scattered and polluted. As with all plumbing problems, central heating core cleaning also requires expertise and professionalism.

Will changing the water of the radiator cores help to warm up?
Without rinsing and cleaning the inside by changing the water of the radiator cores and adding rust inhibitor, the works that are cleaned of the radiator core offer non-permanent solutions. With the newly incoming water, the heater cores will heat a little more for a while, but after a very short time, your boiler will become more problematic than before and your boiler will be damaged due to the water circulation in the non-rinsed heating cores. For long-term and guaranteed solutions, you should definitely have your honeycomb maintained and cleaned by the expert staff of Pakel Architecture, Design and Implementation.

Guaranteed Heater Cleaning Pakel Architecture, Design and Implementation always guarantees the work it does in all your installation problems. The radiator cores should be cleaned at least once in two years and periodically maintained every year. This gives you at least 20% heat savings. Heating cores that are not cleaned well and contain lime removing chemicals will cause problems in the heating cores after a while before the end of winter. Pakel Architecture, Design and Implementation guarantees the heating cores that it cleans and maintains, just like every job it does.

The bottom of the radiators does not get hot
If the lower part of the heating cores is not heated, you can easily get the air of your combs by checking whether your cores are making air or not. Air in the combs, which is a situation you will encounter frequently when using your heating pads in your living spaces, will be the main reason for heating problems. If you have problems with heating in your cores even though you have tried all the methods to be applied at home, Pakel sends its personnel who are experts in Architecture, Design and Project Implementation to you, and serves with a solution-oriented approach to the problem by immediately determining all installation problems with the detection devices, which are the latest wonders of the latest technology.


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